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ORYXCO and ORVIBO are committed to reshaping the connection between people and environment with technological aesthetics to make life better.




ORVIBO HomeAI OS is the first active intelligent whole home smart home operating system, the first generation of which won the Red Dot Interactive Design Award. It has many industry-first functions, such as “ONE STEP”, “Wake Up Nearby”,“Quick Link”, “Home Appliance Manager”, “Ai Sense”, etc. It supports mainstream IoT platforms and has been connected to more than 10 million devices. It supports mainstream IoT platforms and has connected to more than 10 million devices.

HomeAI OS 3.0, the active intelligence system developed by ORVIBO, is a global leader in active intelligence and whole house system capability, with strong technical research and development strength, and a total of more than 300 patents and more than 50 soft documents. We have built a super smart home ecology covering thousands of products.


A smarter, simpler and safer loT APP.

ORVIBO Home is an all-in-one APP to connect lighting, security and more devices inyour home. With its user-friendly interaction and simple controls, you can easily monitor and manage everything in your home. This means it can do more for you, and you can do less.
Support 15 Languages: Chinese(Simplified/ Traditional), English, Japanese,French,German, Spanish, Portuguese(Brazilian), Korean, Russian, Vietnamese, Turkish, Czech, Arabic.

Orycxo is the authorized general distributor in Yemen. For more information contact us now